The Benefits of Portable CMC™

Speed, efficiency, predictability, and freedom

Wheeler Bio is transforming the CDMO model. Our Portable CMC™ platform, developed at our central US location, shifts the paradigm on biomanufacturing quality, clinical timelines, and customer experience.

Portable CMC™ is a package of innovative services that solves one of the most critical challenges in biologics development — the translation from lab discovery into efficient, scalable manufacturing. Using state-of-the-art tools, technologies, data science and original methods for drug substance manufacturing and testing, Portable CMC™ provides an efficient bundling of three useful CMC development services — Lead Selection, Clone Selection, and CDMO Selection.

A New Tier of Customer Experience

Wheeler’s Portable CMC platform is underpinned by our steadfast commitment to collaboration, data transparency, and Pharma 4.0. When integrated with antibody discovery processes, innovators benefit from:

Predictable yields, timelines, and budgets

Reduced regulatory risks during IND filings

A standardized, freely transferable suite-ready manufacturing CMC package

Open-source drug substance process with the freedom to go to any manufacturer

Fixed fees, cost-efficiency, and transparent collaboration

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How Portable CMC™ Adds Value

Focused and purpose-built enterprise enables new tier in customer experience

Thoughtful alignment of services to match fundraising process

Rapid pool-based workflows enable speed-to-clinic

Open-source platform for de-risking scale-up and tech transfers

Tech stacked with integrated digital solutions for de-risking the scale-up manufacture

From Discovery to IND

Game Changing Partnerships

Through early collaboration with tech providers, DataHow and Synthace, Wheeler has built Portable CMC™ on top of an integrated, end-to-end digital biomanufacturing platform. Zurich-based DataHow specializes in data analytics and process modeling, offering digital solutions for process screening, monitoring, optimization, control, and scale-up. London-based Synthace provides a software layer called Life Sciences R&D Cloud that seamlessly automates experimentation and insight sharing.

Integrating these tools with Wheeler’s proprietary drug substance methods offers Wheeler’s emerging biotech partners access to powerful, predictive bioprocess modeling, enabling deeper scientific insights from each experimental run and overall reduction in effort, risks and costs in process development and manufacturing. Customers enjoy the benefits of reduced risk of IND delays, increased momentum during technology transfer, and stronger negotiation positions with enterprise providers.

Scope of Portable CMC™ Services

Lead Selection

Clone Selection

CDMO Selection

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