Formulation Development

Formulation Development

Wheeler Bio’s team of experts has decades of combined experience in the development of biopharmaceutical drug formulations. Leveraging cutting-edge equipment and technology at our Oklahoma City Integrated Process Development Lab, our formulation development services ensure a safe, reliable, and stable bulk liquid formulation that will serve as the basis for your drug product as you progress your program from discovery to clinical trials and beyond.


Trust Wheeler Bio as your partner for formulation development.

Expedited Formulation Development and Screening

Our innovative formulation development strategy is designed with tight timelines and budgets in mind. Through the use of machine-learning based models and Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques, the Wheeler formulation development team is able to quickly determine the ideal drug product formulation for your drug substance and provide the appropriate stability screening results in a matter of weeks. This process ensures all stability requirements fall in accordance with ICH guidelines, avoiding potential bottlenecks as your program progresses to clinic. This service is also offered along with a full manufacturability assessment as part of our Portable CMC™ offering.

Wheeler utilizes cutting-edge equipment and software in our Oklahoma City Process Development Lab to ensure safety and stability, including:

  • Uncle® (Unchained Labs) biologics stability screening platform
  • Life Sciences R&D Cloud (Synthace)
  • Maurice (ProteinSimple)
  • m-VROC Viscometer (RheoSense)
  • Process Data Analytics Software (DataHow)

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