CDMO Vision


With a novel hub-and-spoke model, Wheeler Bio headquarters from its ultra-modern facilities located in Oklahoma City, with connections to coastal CROs to support drug discovery and development in well-established innovation and life sciences hubs.

pindrop_icon_white Protein Sciences & Portable CMC® Lab

Boston, MA

Wheeler Bio’s cutting-edge Protein Sciences & Portable CMC® Lab, located within a CRO facility in Boston, is pioneering the development of revolutionary tools and processes with a focus on molecular biology, protein engineering, transient and stable pool-based protein production, underpinned by an alignment with Wheeler Bio facilities in Oklahoma for the efficient generation of preclinical materials.

Portable CMC® Services

Molecular Biology

Transient Protein Production in HEK or CHO Cells

Preclinical Material Supply & Testing from Stable CHO Pools

Advanced Cell Line Engineering

pindrop_icon_white Integrated Process Development Lab

Oklahoma City, OK

Wheeler Bio’s Oklahoma City Development Center, located within the University of Oklahoma’s Research Park within the vibrant OKC Innovation District, offers a comprehensive suite of advanced biotechnology services. Through this state-of-the-art facility, the Wheeler team is at the forefront of cell line development, transient expression, protein production, process development, analytical development, formulation development, and preclinical material supply and testing.

Custom Development Services

Transient Protein Production in HEK or CHO Cells

Stable Cell Line Development

Preclinical Material Supply & Testing from Stable Pools

Process Development & Optimization

Process Characterization

Analytical Development & Qualification

Formulation Development

Preclinical Material Supply & Testing from Stable Clones

pindrop_icon_white Small Scale CGMP Manufacturing Facility

Oklahoma City, OK

Wheeler Bio’s manufacturing center – within the “Ziggurat” building located in downtown Oklahoma City – is challenging the status quo by balancing risk with right-sized processes, and blazing the trails for other manufacturers to follow. With a sprawling 35,000 sq. ft. of dedicated CGMP clean-room space, Wheeler is redefining best practice by leveraging an open ballroom design, closed-process and digitally connected equipment for maximum flexibility, transparency, and speed.

GMP Services

CGMP Master Cell Banking

Grace C Solution Preparation

Grade D Ballroom Clinical Production (50L and 500L Scale)

QC Testing & Release Powered by Charles River RightSource℠ Technology

CGMP Drug Substance Manufacturing (500L Scale)

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