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Oklahoma City
Innovation Ecosystem

Oklahoma City has evolved into a vibrant epicenter for biotechnology, housing a rich ecosystem of visionaries, manufacturers, and esteemed research institutions. In the dynamic landscape of scientific progress, Wheeler Bio stands as a pioneering force with its strategically placed headquarters, state-of-the-art development laboratory, and ultra-modern CGMP manufacturing facility. This strategic positioning ensures seamless and cost-effective access to cutting-edge tools and technologies for advancing the frontiers of antibody and biologics development.

The Oklahoma Innovation Biotech Cluster

Capitalizing on OKC’s Biotech Momentum

Wheeler Bio is proud to be a part of the Oklahoma Innovation Cluster, an ambitious initiative led by the Oklahoma City Economic Development Foundation. This groundbreaking project is poised to propel the expansion of the biotechnology cluster and reinforcing domestic resilience within the biopharmaceutical supply chain.

Over the past two decades, this bioscience cluster has grown by more than 28 percent and has continued to grow at over 10 percent since 2015, keeping pace with national metrics and exceeding many other emerging bioscience clusters. Currently, the Greater Oklahoma City Biohub Ecosystem boasts a workforce of more than 31,000 and annual spending of $316 million on research and development. Furthermore, economic development institutions have embraced new leadership, with a strong emphasis on fostering inclusive and equitable growth.

Unprecedented Potential for Emerging Innovators

This collaborative endeavor is seizing the opportunity to foster fresh biotech industry collaborations beyond the traditional coastal hubs, thereby bringing substantial economic advantages to Oklahoma. Wheeler Bio's involvement in this transformative initiative demonstrates a commitment to advancing the Oklahoma Innovation Cluster and propelling biotherapeutic development to new heights through:

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Expanded Clinical Trial Opportunities

With the expansion of the clinical trials center and a specific focus on serving a broader range of disease types, Wheeler Bio’s clients have increased opportunities to conduct clinical trials. This is essential for testing and validating new pharmaceuticals and medical treatments, ultimately bringing innovative products to market faster.

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Workforce Development

The bioprocessing core facility and workforce program prepare the region for large-scale biomanufacturing. This means that Wheeler Bio’s clients have access to a skilled workforce specifically trained for biomanufacturing, ensuring the efficient and cost-effective production of biopharmaceuticals.

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Economic Advantages

As part of the Oklahoma Innovation Cluster, Wheeler Bio’s clients are positioned to benefit from the economic advantages generated by the initiative. These may include tax incentives, cost savings through shared resources, and a thriving local biotech ecosystem that attracts more investments and partnerships.

Convergence Project

OKC Innovation District

The Convergence Project is a new $177 million development located in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District. These mixed-use facilities are designed to enable cross-sector collaboration among Oklahoma’s key technological industries including biotechnology and healthcare. The Convergence Project is strategically and uniquely positioned to unite the academic and research centers in the Innovation District with the financial and venture institutions of downtown Oklahoma City, creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurism and translational science.

Biotech Ecosystem

Wheeler Bio is scheduled to be the anchor tenant for the Innovation and Research Center within the Convergence Project, furthering a commitment to foster innovation and collaboration in  Oklahoma City’s biotechnology ecosystem. The new facility will provide over 58,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art development laboratories and manufacturing clean room space for expansion of Wheeler’s comprehensive suite of CGMP manufacturing services. Wheeler Bio is proud to play a key role in developing the local biotechnology ecosystem and to provide additional capacity to serve client’s needs.

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