Toxicology Material Supply

Toxicology Material Supply

Advancing our clients’ programs to toxicology studies is a critical milestone on the phase 1 CMC clinical development path. Wheeler leverages our cell line development (CLD) and process platforms to rapidly provide toxicology material supply using either our Portable CMC® offerings, or through rapid transfer of client cell lines onto our process platform. Wheeler Bio’s innovative suite of services allow for a unique approach that optimizes the path to toxicology material supply and streamlines your drug development process through efficient study design, reliable material generation, and data-driven decision making.


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Rapid Tox Material Generation

Portable CMC™ Work Package 6

As part of our comprehensive offering, our dedicated development team collaborates closely with our clients to fully understand the material supply quantities and final product formats needed to support their toxicology study designs. We leverage the power of Portable CMC® Work Package 1, 2 and 6 to provide toxicology material in nearly 6 months from program start. We can also utilize client supplied cell lines and processes to rapidly scale-up and supply toxicology materials.

Wheeler’s material supply services are designed to provide you with reliable and high-quality materials for preclinical and clinical development. Whether leveraging our Portable CMC® CLD and process platforms, or utilizing client supplied cell lines and processes, Wheeler’s transformative approach can enhance your material supply through:

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Seamless Collaboration

Complete integration between your toxicology and our material supply teams to ensure that materials provided for toxicology studies meet the required quality standards. Seamless data transfer and integration that enables your toxicologists to efficiently incorporate critical material supply information into the study design. This ensures precise evaluation of compound safety and efficacy.

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Rapid Material Generation

We rapidly generate and deliver the necessary materials for your toxicology studies. The streamlined workflow and automated processes within Portable CMC® enable efficient material production, reducing lead times and expediting your drug development timeline.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

We track and monitor real-time data to allow informed decision-making and ensure the consistency and reproducibility of supplied materials. This comprehensive oversight minimizes delays and ensures the reliability of study results.

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