Transient Protein Expression

Protein Expression Services

Wheeler Bio provides high-quality transient protein expression services for drug developers, ensuring your candidate is produced and characterized rapidly, accelerating time to clinic. Our team of experts leverage years of experience and proprietary technologies to ensure optimal, efficient results.


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Wheeler’s Transient Protein Expression Platform

Wheeler offers CHO- and HEK-based transient protein expression that can deliver faster and more cost-effective material generation that is critical when establishing proof-of-concept on tight timelines. Our HEK-based transition utilizes the Expi293 expression system and our CHO-based transient protein expression platform utilizes ATUM’s Leap-In Transposase technology to rapidly produce milligram to gram quantities of stable recombinant proteins.

We then use the generated material to rapidly screen molecular formats of the target protein before cycling the data back for further vector engineering to improve the final candidate. This makes Wheeler’s protein expression platform ideal for early-stage drug developers seeking to maximize their funding in pursuit of a viable candidate. This service is also offered as part of our full Portable CMC™ offering.

We offer a range of transient protein expression services, including:

  • Codon optimization
  • Plasmid construction
  • Transfection optimization
  • Protein purification
  • 5-5L shake-flask production (milligram quantities)
  • 5-50L single-use bioreactor capacity (gram quantities)
  • One-column affinity capture purification with ÄKTA protein purification system
  • Second column polishing (optional)
  • Buffer exchange into customer defined buffer or PBS
  • Aliquot generation

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Wheeler prides itself on providing reliable, high-quality transient protein expression services as part of our mission to expedite therapeutic discovery and development. Our dedicated team works closely with our partners to understand your specific needs and provide tailored solutions that best fit your project.


Protein Expression Capabilities

Working with Wheeler for transient protein expression in our Protein Sciences & Portable CMC® Lab ensures:

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Dedicated Team

Access to a dedicated protein sciences team with over 50 years of combined protein expression expertise

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Robust Titers

Access to proven, high-titer transient expression systems (ExpiCHO and Expi293)

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Automated Workflow

Access to a highly automated transfection, outgrowth, and transient pool generation workflow

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Compatibility with a full spectrum of therapeutic proteins including single-peptide ORFs, mAbs, Fabs, Fc fusions, cytokine fusions, bispecifics, etc.

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