CDMO Vision

Infrastructure for a CMC Strategy

Wheeler Bio’s open-source platform is purpose-built for early development and clinical manufacturing but also forward-looking toward scalable commercial manufacturing. By embracing Pharma 4.0 principles, Wheeler is looking beyond clinical manufacturing to help customers build toward the future now. Through key collaborations with DataHow, Lucid Scientific, Emerson, Rockwell, and CRB, Wheeler has designed its development and manufacturing facilities to be a seamless integration of equipment, scalability, automation, data transparency, and process transferability. By offering open-source technology with easy data transfers and complete work packages, Wheeler bridges the gap between drug development to IND filing, and paves the way to faster commercial production.


Coupled with sound risk management and lean principles, Wheeler’s forward-looking facility designs are at the forefront of an evolving biomanufacturing industry.


Connecting Nationally

Protein Sciences & Portable CMC® Lab

Boston, MA

Wheeler Bio combines state-of-the-art, scalable CDMO capacity in the low-cost, business-friendly innovation economy of Oklahoma City with coastal discovery CRO partners. Wheeler’s cutting-edge Protein Sciences & Portable CMC® Lab, located within a CRO facility in Boston, is pioneering the development of revolutionary tools and processes with a focus on molecular biology, protein engineering, transient and stable pool-based protein production, underpinned by an alignment with Wheeler Bio’s Oklahoma facilities for the efficient generation of preclinical materials. By co-locating with discovery CROs, we foster an environment of seamless collaboration among scientists from both service providers, ensuring that our CRO customers benefit directly from this dynamic partnership.

Building the Future

Integrated Process Development Lab

Oklahoma City, OK

Wheeler Bio's Oklahoma City Development Center, located within the University of Oklahoma’s Research Park within the vibrant OKC Innovation District, offers a comprehensive suite of advanced biotechnology services. Through this state-of-the-art facility, the Wheeler team is at the forefront of cell line development, transient expression, protein production, process development, analytical development, formulation development, and preclinical material supply & testing.

Infrastructure for a CMC Strategy

Small Scale CGMP Manufacturing Facility

Oklahoma City, OK

Wheeler’s Small-Scale CGMP Manufacturing Facility pushes the boundaries of the CDMO model. By adding ultra-modern clinical drug substance manufacturing in low-cost Oklahoma City, customers benefit with process predictability, reduced timelines, reduced regulatory risks, and reduced costs.

An Innovation Ecosystem

Local Collaboration, Global Scope

Convergence Project

Wheeler Bio is proud to operate as part of the Oklahoma City Convergence Project, a transformative initiative aimed at creating a pedestrian-friendly environment that enhances the connectivity vital to the success of Oklahoma City's burgeoning Innovation District. This high-density project is characterized by a unique synergy between the public and private sectors, exemplifying a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and shared growth, fostering an environment of boundless opportunity for the entirety of the city and its residents.

Ready and Scalable Workforce

Oklahoma Biotech Innovation Cluster Initative

The Greater Oklahoma City’s biosciences cluster has made significant progress over the last two decades in becoming one of the region’s top growth sectors, employing about 31,000 people and spending $316 million annually on research and development. Over 75% of all NIH funding in Oklahoma flows into the 1.3 square mile area that constitutes the OKCID, positioning Wheeler in close proximity to these thought leaders and skilled professionals.


In 2021, the U.S. Economic Development Administration awarded the cluster a $71 million grant through its Build Back Better Regional Challenge to help expand Oklahoma City’s role as a national hub for drug development, testing and manufacturing. Additionally, in 2019, OKC voters approved, as part of a large public works initiative, $10 million for a new development called Convergence which will be completed in late 2024 and host tenants from a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including biopharmaceuticals.


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