8 Innovative Technologies Streamlining Early-Stage Antibody Development

February 2024

The Innovative Technologies Underpinning Portable CMC®

Wheeler Bio is at the forefront of adopting the Pharma 4.0 model. Partnerships with, and the integration of, next-gen data, automation, and bioprocess modeling platforms present unique opportunities to streamline biologics discovery, development, and manufacturing to reduce cost, timelines, and risk for innovators.

At the heart of our groundbreaking approach is the Portable CMC® platform, a modular and open-source solution designed for monoclonal antibody development which bridges the gap between initial discovery and the clinical phase. By synchronizing critical product milestones – including plasmid design, cell line development, process development and analytical characterization – with fundraising efforts, Portable CMC® ensures faster access to therapies for patients in need.

In this infographic, we explore some of the advanced technologies streamlining early stage antibody development as part of our Portable CMC® platform.